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And then we just stop posting for a few months...

I hope everyone had a good start to the new year!

Mine was certainly busy - fun fact: when working at an out of hours/emergency place, chances are, any kind of public holidays will be mental - and today marks the first hours I haven't spent in scrubs or pyjamas since the 27th.

So once again I have lots of things I want to write about - most of which will end up as never posted drafts, I'm sure - and not really the time to do it.
Rest assured that I am reading my dwcircle every day and even check up on the four or five people I'm still following on LJ every few days.
I just continue to be the stereotypical lurker. And I would make a resolution to change that if I did resolutions.

And now, dye my hair and go to bed. Natural History museum tomorrow and possibly cinema in the afternoon. Mine is an exciting life.

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