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Just a few facts. Lists are lovely

  • Quite a lot of my daily watercooler talk goes on facebook these days. I seem to be one of the few people I know who don't mind that place overly much.
    What can I say, I don't have any expectations about privacy or decent behaviour from them and that serves me well.
    I also don't see any problem with writing down basically meaningless things. They are the kind of things I would tell my friends over a cup of coffee if I were still living in the same city/country/continent. And online they can actually ignore me when I bore them, something that isn't especially easy when I'm sitting right next to them.
  • I've pretty much stopped watching any kind of TV series while it airs. I do marathons after a season finishes.
  • I've also stopped reading WiPs. The AO3 and the 'complete only' checkbox are my happy place.
  • I've been doing something similar to [personal profile] copperbadge's Adventur Programme for the last months.
    I've lived in Leipzig for over five years and haven't been to the Grassi museum. Same for Berlin and the Bauhaus museum and so many more. Which would be perfectly ok if museums just bored me, but I'm a huge museum geek (admittedly more for science, history, natural history, design and architecture than plain art, but that doesn't really limit it much). I'm determined not to let that happen for London.
    So yesterday I went to the Natural History museum - for the wildlife photography exhibition. And after I started wandering and ended up in the central hall. Which had amazing architecture, a dinosaur and Charles Darwin. I might have stood there flailing for a while.
  • That was after I realised that they offer any of the exhibitions photographs of the last few years custom printed. No more loving a picture but knowing that it would not have made the cut to be made into a print.
    I love living in the future.
  • Today: reading, climbing and still possibly cinema.
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