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If silence is golden, this is probably leaden.

I try not to moan too much about work here - though I could easily fill in for Vets behaving badly my new favourite blog - but at some point in the future, there will be an entry devoted solely to moaning about the PDSA. Consider yourself warned.

For now I will just complain about the BBC airing every single show I might want to watch at a time when I'm neither at home nor at work but actively commuting between the two. They do it on purpose, I'm sure.
At least I don't have to fiddle with a proxy to use iplayer. Still haven't seen the latest Sherlock though. Because I ... just haven't tried watching it. Bad fan. Bad.

And I'm idly thinking about buying a new computer. Not that my Laptop-as-Desktop isn't working any more, it is just getting a bit old. And while I have the MBA, it just doesn't feel right as my main computer. Can't stand having my main machine running mostly OS X for one.
Hmm. Time to hit the bookmarks for the custom mini pc websites...

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