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Completely random things again

I woke up this morning, with these three massive bruises on my shoulder that really puzzled me - I spent the night on my sofa, reading. But then I remembered that my car had broken down yesterday and having a fifteen year old Ford Escort Estate's frame poking your shoulder while pushing the car in a position where it doesn't block any other cars probably *would* cause some bruising.
I'm now convinced I'm going to bang that shoulder all the time when going climbing tomorrow. Not that I usually do, but with those bruises already there it's just one of those things that are going to happen.
Carrying the tripod and camera on tonight's trip to take pictures of London by night (sometimes there are fun things on Groupon) is probably also going to be fun.
My life would be so boring without my regular random injury.

Because my life was getting too boring anyway - I'm such a born paper pusher that it sometimes scares me - I decided to add some chaos by moving.
My justification went something like this: Well, the flat I'm in is supposed to be torn down later this year anyway and I'm not actually allowed to have pets. I'm fed up with hiding Tiny every time they have an inspection!
So I mailed an inquiry about a flat I liked, went to see it, had them talk the landlord into accepting me having a cat and paid the deposit. All within less than 8 hours.
That really helped with the conviction that I'm too organized.

Anyway, not to worry [personal profile] kriski and [personal profile] dirtyzucchini the new flat is just across the road from the old one, so Hatfield house is still close.

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