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Hulk ... Smash.

  • Saw Avengers on Friday. Loved it a LOT.

  • Am now looking for fic. Nothing new there.

  • Don't feel as OTP drawn as usual. Weird. Oh well, more to read!

  • (Seem to have read all completed XMFC OTP fic. Was close to despairing and starting on WiPs.)

  • Just gave up and ordered new computer. I love my ThinkPad-Screen-random_bits setup but sorting photos or even just epubs slows it to a crawl.

  • Restrained myself and only got 8GB RAM, even if the 16GB option still makes me salivate.

  • Have so many fun things to plan and no idea how to squeeze them in the year.

    Outdoors Climbing! Cool exhibitions! Diving! New York! People visiting! Barcelona! More Diving? More Climbing? Oh, right, work has to be in there occasionally too.

  • Am thinking about 100 things challenge.But afraid topic choice would default to work related subject.

  • Three more nights and I'll be done with the current crazy block of work shifts. Will be slightly manic until then.

  • Nobody but me will be able to tell the difference of course.

  • New computer can't get here soon enough. This one just froze up for half a minute because I dared ask it to open Chrome while writing this entry in Opera..

  • Will learn how to use the English language properly again at some point, I'm sure.

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