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This is not even navel gazing. That would imply some kind of focus.

So, there's this interesting entry on how to make DW/LJ/... more lively. And there's the 100 Things challenge.

And those made me think about the fact that the main use of my journal is not so much the interactive part.
I'm to inarticulate and uncreative to be ever more than a lurker (that might possibly occasionally help with the infrastructure) in fandom.
I'm certainly not good at writing any kind of thinky thought entry.
I'm not even using it as a proper diary.

But what I do is write down things that are on my mind at that moment. Just a general reminder of my mindset on any given day. A snapshot.
Add movies watched, exhibitions visited, music listened to and facebook statuses and you get a kind of scrapbook. Nothing as frilly as the term implies, something closer to the quantified self movement. Just .. less quantifiable.

And this is something that is right up there in the list of things I like.
At the moment I use an app called Momento to pull everything together but I'm resigned to the fact that at some point I will have to invest some serious thought in a sturdy way to combine and keep this scramblebook of my life.

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