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My life is weird and I like it that way

Hi! Still not dead, need to update more often, so much to write about, yaddi yaddah, everyone knows how this goes.

The reason I'm actually updating today is that I have to record what I did last night for posterity.

Because, whenever I imagined being collected by a police car at one on the morning (not that I make a habit of imagining things like this) serious business and drama were the things I mostly associated with it. Not so much hilarity and unexpected sweetness.

But there I was, at one at night in the back of a police car, in my scrubs and bright yellow crocs, with a gauntlets and a heavy towel in my hands, being driven to the site of an RTA where a second police car had set up some traffic cones to make a diversion around an injured cat in the middle of the road because the police were afraid of harming it further by touching it.

Surreal. Sweet. Hilarious.

Anecdote over, back to catching some sleep and then to work.

And the 2500km in four days roadtrip of hell I thought would be fun to make next week. I might even write an entry about it at some point.

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