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This, that and the kitchen sink

So, apparently just thinking about it still doesn't make an entry appear here. Who knew?

I've been quiet for a few months. Again. But to be fair, I was doing an ostrich impression in RL for about three of those months too. I'd applied for a job in Switzerland and I don't do well with waiting for other people to make decisions. I was pretty much working, climbing, reading, NOT TALKING TO ANYONE from July 'till October.
But yeah, no job change for me. Which is not all bad, I'm not sure I would have liked to move. But it was one of those 'you'd be crazy not to apply' jobs.

And then it was November, the month of the year that, for some strange reason, never sees me at home for more than two days in a row.
Among other things I was off to a work congress. With a fancy dress evening. This year's topic was 'Best of British' so naturally I went as a Punk. Facebook has seen pictures, but I think I'll have to post one here too for posterity.
Then there was a tour of Germany with a few Parties, lots of touristy London things due to visitors and - as usual - work.

Now, I've kind of caught up on all my immediate to-do items. There's still a lot of long term ones - geo tag all photos, figure out better database structure for caselog, scan all the photos,... - but none of them are 'have to do' items, just 'would like to do at some point'.
I've even started to work on the CPD from hell again in my search for something useful to do.
I fear the world *is* going to end in two days. I have no other explanation for this otherwise.

Seeing as how I have to work the weekend nights, as well as christmas eve night and christmas day night I might not mind too much actually...
Nah. On second thought, keep going world. My family's celebrations have always been purely secular anyway, so I don't mind celebrating my own little fest of "Thank fuck the days have started to get longer again! Let's light as many candles as possible, put tinsel on the surfaces without candles, meet family and stuff ourselves with food." a few days later than usual.
But I have to miss the whole clan gathering on boxing day. Which is a tragedy, because this year it's in Franken again, at a place particularly suited to the purpose of stuffing yourself with food.

I'll have to make do with takaway. How shall I survive?

Right, now post this, make sure no to-do things have crept up on me while I wasn't looking, then off to the cinema (love my flat rate card for that) and climbing after. Really, my life is unbearably hard.

I don't actually *like* stream of consciousness in literature, but apparently that's my form of choice for journaling these days. Gnarf. Argh.

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