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In which I sound horribly grumpy for no reason at all.

I intended to update last weekend, when I had booked myself to work 60 hours between Friday evening and Monday morning. But funnily enough I used every minute I didn't need to look after patients to sleep. Weird.

Then I wanted to update when my new fancy designer litter tray was delivered and there was barely any litter on the floor any more. But then I thought I am not yet enough of a crazy cat lady to do that. Public excitement about the roomba, yes. Litter tray, no. You've got to have standards.

Then I thought I would update after the photography course I was booked to go on this Saturday, post some pictures maybe. And the course was canceled because of the snow. Which shouldn't surprise me, I *know* everything here shuts down if even one flake of snow is spotted, but still...

The least I can use this entry for is to post a bingo card. I signed up for [community profile] snapshot_bingo. Let's see how long until I throw in the towel.

Wheels Dots Corner A Button
Play Hat Grateful Fluffy Double
Dress DuskFree Space Noon Pet
Tangle 8:00 Dry Nature Thursday
Tiny Garden F Plate Library

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