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I have no idea where time is going, but wherever it is, it is going there fast.

Yes, of course, work is eating a lot of it. But I'm not doing the massive amounts of overtime I usually do in summer.
And I do try to go climbing twice or thrice a week. And usually I combine at least one of those trips with a visit to the cinema (I love my flatrate cinema ticket). Though there have been not many interesting films in March. But April and May will bring Iron Man and Star Trek and I will be happy.

A lot of time is also taken up making plans, because free slots in my diary are disapearing quickly. From - "I'll probably just have a relaxed year" it has quickly changed to my usual "Do I *have* to schedule time in to sleep?". So far I'm doing a half marathon in May, am going to Coppenhagen for a work congress in June, doing an assault course run thingy in July and am going to San Diego for another work congress in September. With a week long road trip through California after. Just because.
Add to that people visiting me and I visiting people and there is a lot of excitement in the next couple of months. Though it looks like August is still relatively free... I wonder if I can squeeze a couple of diving trips in there? Or maybe I should schedule for some overtime. Hmmm.

Anyway. I'm not writing this entry just to post something, but also, because I did sign up for the [community profile] snapshot_bingo. And I actually took some pictures!

Wheels Dots Corner A Button
Play Hat Grateful Fluffy Double
Dress DuskFree Space Noon Pet
Tangle 8:00 Dry Nature Thursday
Tiny Garden F Plate Library

And now the Doctor Who download has hopefully finished. Even though this is the first Weekend in seven weeks I am at home and not at work, I forgot to turn on the TV yesterday. And I can't be bothered to use iPlayer.

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