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"My pygmy hedgehog won't walk" at 02:00 is my current favourite surreal phone call.

In other news, I asked [personal profile] temve for an age for the Memory Lane Memeage and I got 23.
That takes us back to the end of 2003 and through most of 2004. But not all the way to my very first meeting of real life fans. That was in the end of 2004.
I'd started on LJ early in 2003 and was actually posting a lot.

So, walking down memory lane,

I lived in Leipzig. North west of the city centre. On my own. With Kuno the dobermann. Good times.

I drove a Toyota Yaris Verso (but quite often I rode my bike). I love that car. Large enough to carry a bike without taking it apart, a dog, lots of luggage and still shorter than a Golf.

I was in a relationship with... no one. And good thing I wasn't. That would have been such a bad idea on so many levels.

I feared not much? The odd bout of existential angst. Fleeting thoughts of people dying, exams being failed, the world ending. But otherwise? Pretty much fear free. I'm always been very stubborn, though and "I'm not having any of this silliness" is a phrase that I associate with self improvement.

I worked at the department of pharmacology at uni. Doing data entry and basic html formatting. As student jobs go, not too bad. I could set my own hours and was doing about an hour or two in the mornings before classes a few days a week.
I had applied to work for a fast food chain doing evening or night shifts before but was rejected for being overqualified. I'm not at all still bitter about that.

I wanted to be finished with uni, a fully qualified Vet, earning a proper salary, less socially awkward, better at exams, traveling, ... lots of things, but mostly I was content to be where I was at that place in time.

Wow. I have always been pretty boring. But reading up on my old LJ entries is fun. I really should post more, if just to be able to look back on today like this.

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