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Iron Man 3

It's April. In England. How did I manage to get massively sunburnt?
Oh, yes, I decided that walk all of Regent's Canal yesterday. Clever me.

But this entry isn't about that. It's a place to flail because I went and saw Iron Man 3 last night.

  • I loved how the trailers managed to not give away stuff.
  • Is the giant bunny normal? Sadly, yes, that's completely normal.
  • Creepy Tony Stark fanboys. The tattoo was made from a doll he made.
  • The Mandarin. Gave him more drugs. Stage Actor. *flail*
  • Playing with the audience's expectations for the Extremis storyline. And Pepper in a suit. And the Mandarin.
  • He saved Dum-E.
  • A kid character that's not so very annoying. Or, rather, annoying where it is meant to be.
  • He's found a hobby.
  • No Extremis for Tony. But heart surgery.
  • We have a connection.
  • After credits Mark Ruffalo. I couldn't stop laughing half the drive home.
I don't do coherent reviews, sorry. But it was FUN.

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