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Apparently I now see films the night they come out.

So, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday. It was an ok movie. I liked it. It just didn't make me sqee like Iron Man 3 did.

  • A space ship on the bottom of the ocean is ridiculous, thanks Scotty
  • As soon as the Cumbervillain started giving his speech I was going. "Oh, pleeeeease, no" Then they took the torpedo apart and I went "Shit, he's Kahn."
    And I like Kahn. But seriously? Would it have been hard to keep him Indian?
    For a while I hoped BK was supposed to be one of Kahn's people and Kahn himself would be in one of the torpedoes but no such luck.
  • I did like the retelling of ST - TWoK and all the parallels it draws. But it was a bit heavy handed about it.
    The moment ZQ did the Shatner, I burst out laughing, dramatic tension or not.
  • Calling Spock Prime for spoilers is an obvious solution. Also makes for a nice bit of foreshadowing.
    Still, Spock ex machina can't be the solution to all problems.
  • It's predictable even beyond the whole retelling of STII angle. McCoy poking the dead tribble with some of Kahn's blood? I wonder who they will need to revive later on.
  • Why did Carol Marcus have to undress before examining the torpedo? Apart from there needing to be some nakedness of course. Did I just miss the explanation or did they just not bother to make one up at all?
  • </ul>

    Also: Yes, 3D is pretty much *made* for Starships warping out.

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