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How is it now November?</br> I have not made that entry with pictures from my trip yet. But I have new pictures and stories to post already. I *refuse* to simply skip the necessary lengthy entry. I will not do that.

So, when I left off here I had just returned from the US. And was back at work and busy. Story of my life, nothing new there.
The reason I had been to the USA was the yearly meeting of the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. A horribly mouthful and the reason acronyms were invented. I've been going to EVECCS for years, it's a nice chance for a few days in a different european city (and some CPD) every year. IVECCS this year was in San Diego and I knew a few colleagues that were definitely going.
Interesting city + people to pressure into roomsharing + CPD = Alex is going to IVECCS.

But I certainly wasn't going to be on a plane for 13 hours just for five days of congress. I made a holiday out of it, another week, massive road trip, as many touristy things as I could cram into that.

To give you an idea, here's a map:

Let's just say I drove a lot.

And hiked and took pictures. Most of which can be found in the album with the map.
And a few behind the cut

I *want* to talk about the hiking. The driving. Everything. But if I don't click 'post' any time soon, I will not ever post this entry. So. This is it for now. Short and basic.

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