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When I last looked it was 12.

Thanks to goseaward I spent the last three hours reading about personality types.
This happens every time I stumble upon a mention of it.

I should know by now what results I get if I take any of the online tests, and what characterizes those types. But the siren song of taking a test always gets me. I don't know what I hope for, seeing the results and being able to say 'Yes, that's me. Look, how well I fit the profile," or rather "Hah, this is completely wrong. I knew I was to complex to be classified like this." But whatever I hope for, I spent time I could use on better things trying to decide if I'm iNTj or iSTj, something that - if I'm honest - is so unimportant that I should be hit very hard just for losing more than one minute over it.</p>

The next thing that happened, shortly after I've started writing this entry is a call from one of the friends I mailed yesterday. I got told of for not simply calling, but since she knows me since I was 12 she really should be used to it.

Now I know the latest gossip and have some small idea why I wanted to study somewhere far away.

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