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I saw X-Men Days of Future Past tonight. I liked it. And I have opinions about it. Which freaks me out a little bit, as I as a rule don't have opinions on things that go beyond "Me like".
But ok.
I should probably mention first that I've only started to read comics in the last few years. And X-Men isn't one of the titles I read. Or have backread on. All my X-Men knowledge comes from Fannish osmosis, wikipedia and the other films.
Despite the swap that leaves Wolverine traveling back in time (Not happy making, obviously, but see before, lack of investment in my part) it is very much not a film about Wolverine.
If anything I'd say it's mostly Charles' story, how he got better. He's in a pretty bad place in the beginning and while the self inspirational thing could be very cheesy, it wasn't too bad. I liked this, because just people that are just Good and all saintly about it grate on my nerves. Having issues with being the Good One. Or just having issues in general I like a lot more. Also, James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart acting does help.
Charles attempting very hard to fix his relationship with Mystique and her being the one who safes the day was great too.
Mystique having her own issues, plans and goals in general is something that I approve of.
Erik is the one character that I feel was getting the short end of the straw here. Obviously he is the Drama Queen of OVERKILL OR DEATH, but in FC there was a reason for most of his actions.
Here it's as if he's just decided to kill everyone without thinking any further about it. Not even the long term implications, just basic "If I shoot Mystique here, in public, I will have to remove the corpse after so they don't get their hands on it to experiment." Walking away from there with her alive, regrouping in some secret lair and *then* killing her would have made so much more sense.
Same with manipulating the Sentinels. The whole 'flying in a football stadium' looked cool, but what was the purpose? And yes, I get that he is not afraid to kill mutants for the greater good. And how exactly did Wolverine deserve the whole bottom of the river bit?
I know he's a fanatic but I'd have loved him to be a bit more sensible about it somehow.
Peter is a really fun character. And they leave themselves with the option of having him be Erik's son which is actually quite fun
Oh. And the old Charles and Erik are obviously married. But that is kind of a given with those two I think.
I would have been happier if they'd committed fully to saying "The first three movies are now completely alternate history" instead of just hinting around the possiblity.
Somehow it felt like an in between film? They did wrap up the story they were telling, but it felt a bit like the second film out of a trilogy still.

Oh. I also ran a Half Marathon on Sunday. But I think the babbling about that will have to wait a bit longer...

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