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I'm a stupid person!

I'm sitting in my patho-histology course, they've decided to do a very small test (just five questions) at the begining of each lesson. I hadn't studied much, but the questions were easy and because I do everything very fast, I had finished after two minutes. The rest of the time I spend looking out of the window. One of the supervisors looked at the test that was lying in front of me and told me to look at question two again. I looked and saw what mistake I had made - and decided not to correct it!
How stupid is that? Ok, I think I answered all the other questions right and one mistake is allowed, but why? Is there anyone else as stupid not to correct the answer just because of some stupid ideas about making mistakes and living with them?
I don't like being idealistic, and doing the right things. I really hate being a nice person - but I fear that's exactly what I am.

Sometimes I look at my problems and know that whatever else I may be - first of all I'm strange

Some things I should try to remember:

  • Just because I belive myself to be pretty intelligent, is no reason not to study - skipping lectures and not looking at the books is a dumb thing to do.
  • Hit reload before trying to post again, nobody needs my comments more than one time.
  • Try to take some things serious, at least official meetings - smiling all the time, even while people criticise me is not a good thing, most of the times it pisses those people off.

Tags: but being nice is boring, navel-gazing, probleme die die welt nicht braucht, stupidity, uni
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