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Council Directive 93/43/EEC of 14 June 1993 on the hygiene of foodstuffs

This is the thing that occupies my days at the moment.

Checking if everything is done according to this directive in restaurants, cafes, bakers, bistros, shops, supermarkets,...

I'm so bored it's unbelievable. It's not so much, that food hygiene is uninteresting, it's more that it involves a lot of paperwork, which I'm not supposed to do.
As long as they're doing the actual inspection, it's not the best work in the world but bearable, but when we get back they give me something to read on the topic and go doing their paperwork.

The fact that I wish to be given the actual text of the law to make my reading more interesting is telling. For some reason the texts they've given me so far read like microbiology for dummies. "Our hands are full of germs, but we don't see them...on purulent, open wounds there are more of them, as are in our nose if we've got a cold."
I especially like the practical advises "Never sneeze or cough on the foodstuff" or "Wash your hands before you handle the ingredients"
Forehead, meet table top.

I must be really bored if it sounds tempting to get the book on HACCP that looks as if I might actually learn something if I read it - considering I seem to have missed any lectures mentioning it.
I mean HACCP? Interesting? I'm turning into Percy and can't do a thing against it.
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