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If the irresponsible arseholes could just *think* a little bit.

I went to the office early today, because they wanted to check a factory near a slaughterhouse where the chop up the carcasses for further use. The start work quite early an if one wants to catch them at work, one has to be early too.

When I got there I was told it had to be postponed because the police had phoned. Some dead dogs had been found next to a busy street.
When we arrived there, we took a look
The fist thing to see was one of those transport boxes (those are expensive), inside it were the dogs.
They were not only obviously dead for some time -- there were already maggots crawling in their eye-sockets -- but they were only skin and bones and the box was filled with excrements.
So, someone didn't want these 2 dogs -- not much older than 4-5 month I think, mere puppies, cocker-poodle maybe terrier mix or something like that -- any longer, or couldn't sell them (they have some problems with illegal traders here). Not ok, but I can accept it.
Instead of taking them to the shelter (and, if necessary lying where they got them) or even just abandoning them somewhere on a parking lot (nothing anyone should do, but I'm talking about irresponsible arseholes here) where they would be found in less than a day, they put them in this box and waited till the dogs had died of food and water deprivation.
Even if the dogs were ill, at a shelter or if found on a parking lot they could have been cared for or put down without having to suffer too much.
Why let them die slowly in this stupid box?

Just think before you act people. There *are* ways to get rid of your pet without being unnecessarily cruel.
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