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I've learned that there are different stages of boredom

I did take books on every one of the subjects of the exams next year with me.
Now that I'm bored enough to actually look at them, I realized that the only one not making OotP look like a tiny leaflet, is on the keeping of animals.
I'm doomed. 'What are the things a stable should provide? Which aspects have to be kept in mind in the planning stage?'
I now remember all the different ways to air a piggery, how much lux chicken require and how to calculate the 'Transmissionswärmestrom' -- more important, I also remember why I was happy when those courses were over.

If I don't find a new fanfic to print out and take with me I'll have to read about how a stable is properly cleaned today.
Why is the virology text so heavy? At least the topic is interesting.

ETA: The Snape FQF saved my brain -- I just hope they don't suddenly show an interest in what I'm reading today.
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