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The elixir of life: stress

Need to pack the car, have a shower, sleep for five hours before I drive to Leipzig, deposing sister2 at a cousin on the way.
Will arrive hopefully at 8:30, work the whole day, give plasma at 4:30, and clean my flat in the evening.
Start work at 7 a.m. on Thursday, work till 5:30 and pick up my passenger afterwards.
400 km later I'll be home again and probably tired.

Don't forget:
  • take the list with the commands for the program with me -- remember, ctrl + s isn't 'safe file'
  • copy Monty Python Sings CD to listen in the car
  • look for map of Frankfurt because I have to drop the passenger off there on the way back
  • ask Jessi why she wants to take her didgeridoo with her, she'll only stay a week
  • go in the FSR office, take my mail with me.
  • remember looking up certain numbers in my files
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