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A very normal day

As I had spent the whole morning jumping up and down, wondering where all this energy came from, I decided to finish on of my mothers ongoing DIY-projects -- some kind of shelf for the bathroom.
We did leave the house discussing if the colour of paint we were looking for was diarrhea or vomit, and met an donkey on the street.
Now, my parents live near Frankfurt, normally just finding an animal larger than a dog is difficult, where the hell did this ass come from?

In the end we left with some paint I immediately called 'ejaculate' and my mothers questioning "this much?" prompted my current attempts at trying to remember if bulls were the ones with much liquid and little sperm and boars with little liquid and much sperm or the other way round. After two month of holidays, the only thing my brain is willing to recall is the fact that the lessons mostly start with "Has anyone seen the artificial vagina?" and end with twenty more ore less bored women watching the slowly dying sperms under the microscope.
[ETA:Probably the latter one -- boars produce this interesting foam. Why, oh why are my andrology books in Leipzig when the reproductive clinic has no transcripts available on the net?]
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