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Like I thought, I spend most of yesterday reading fanfic.
I'm following over 200 WIP - and I'm still able to remember most of the plot by rereading the last paragraph of the last chapter. Why can't my brain do the same thing with all the things I have to remember?
The worst part is, that I'm following at least 20 fics that are so bad I'm only reading them out of some weird kind of fascination, how anyone can write something so bad.
No, I'm not addicted, that's my normal reading behaviour. I used to go to the library two times a week and take at least 15 books with me every time.

How I managed to get something else done is beyond me, but my kitchen is clean now, I can see the surface of my desk once again and I finally understand why nearly every of my exams is oral - they just like to see us struggle while trying to pronounce things like 'Endocarditis valvularis thromboticans in swine is caused mainly by Erysipelothix rhusiopathiae'.

And I've still got three more days to get everything done - sometimes religion has positive effects even on atheists.
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