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Today's the birthday of a good friend of my mother. She has always been like an aunt to me and my sisters, even after her stroke (when she was not even 40 and had to relearn to speak and write). But she's also a very cruel person -- she tried to convince me that I'm supposed to look after the children at her party. And my mother helped her.
Both of them know that I don't really like children, they share my dislike, we've ranted to each other about them quite often.
And then my mother's on the phone, going "Sure Sabine, we'll be a bit early so she can collect the kids when they arrive", while I was sitting next to her. She's looking at the panic in my eyes, my frantic gestures of 'No, NO, I'll die, don't do this to me' and only says "No, no problem at all. Ok, bye"
I was ready to strangle her until she told me that they had only been making fun of me and I was supposed to make photos of everyone arriving.
Those women are *evil*.

But they know me quite well, and know that I dislike speeches nearly as much as babysitting and would do anything to be able to leave the room during them.
Especially speeches by Sabine's father, the man is scary. He translated the Nibelungenlied into Hessian (got it even published) but can't laugh about himself.
Anyone taking himself this serious scares me. Even I -- egocentric and narcissist as I am -- am not this bad. A little self-doubt isn't necessarily a bad thing I think. At least it makes you more approachable. (She says, having often been called arrogant or antisocial at parties)

And my soul is worth £20031. 47% of people have a purer soul.
Gacked from dien
[ETA Ok, to tell the truth, he wasn't as bad as I remembered. I'm still very happy to have had the 'I need to walk around to take pictures' exuse though.]
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