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Deans and Rats and Quizzes

Committee meeting over. Important decisions for my little part of the world were made, we even managed to get one student representative in the sub-committee (they're like fungi, grow everywhere and only very few have actual uses) which will work on the change of the relevant law.
But still: There's nothing as exhausting as committee meetings with people who love to hear themselves talk - the deans of all veterinary schools certainly do.
I managed not to stutter, but I didn't talk very much at all (probably a good thing, too) besides the one time when it was clear the chairman didn't like the opinion of the majority and tried to influence the vote in talking in double negatives "Can we all agree that nobody wants not to deny,...". How stupid does he think everyone is? I have absolutely no problem, sounding stupid if it helps to get a simple "Support or not?" voting.
I don't know if it's a good thing Prof. S. knows my name, it's only because I'm sitting in many of the same committees as him and tend to annoy him - or I'm just projecting my dislike of him.

Good things: We - the students - met one day early and discussed everything. This didn't take too long so there was time for:

  • homemade pizza
  • the usual competition "Who had the most disgusting experience" while preparing/eating the pizza (we're vets, this list is very true)
    I think the dead dog after three days during the heat wave in the broken plastic bag won
  • cuddling the rats one of the others had with her (I really want to have rats again)
  • playing Ligretto on a much to small table in a little pub
  • sharing stories about cars and policemen
  • watching the other three girls get tipsy and start to 'vandalize' afterwards -- they only turned over a stone on the side of the road, so I didn't stop them.
These things make up for the terrible boredom of the next day I think. But I'm not so sure about the traffic jams, that cost me three hours of my life -- why is going by car so much cheaper than going by train?

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