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The rant on fat pets continues - I'm too busy to do anything but rant.

Just one trip to the vet - of course the dog has to get an ear-infection only days before I leave - and I'm angry again.
I know that my attitude towards overweight pets is extreme, even my classmates tell me that I get too worked up, but if people can't take their cat to the vet in a standard box anymore, it is just too much. 23 kg is more than the smaller of my dogs weights and she is definitely larger than a cat.
The same goes for the dachshund which is as wide as it is long. I may think that even just as wide as high is fat, but I can accept it and will only annoy my friends with my comments. Dachshunds already have enough problems with their backs, letting them gain this much weight is just asking for a disaster.
What's so difficult with 'You have to be able to feel the ribs under the skin when you pet your dog?'
Rant, rant, rant, foam, spit, Grrrrr.

And I seem to have a date on Thursday. Ummmm ... Ok? How did this happen? I don't date. It's one of the fundamental rules of the world, I'm sure.
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