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I just love the feeling of sandpaper on the inside of my lids when I wake up at 5 after only 4 hours of sleep.

And I could live without having to actually think (something I haven't done in some weeks) in a discussion abut vegan cat food. But I could live even better without the name calling of the militant vegans.
I'm eating corpses! I'm so very bad! And I actually support those who say that cats are naturally corpse-eaters! How dare I? How can I suggest that their vegan cat may actually eat mice or bird when it is outside? Don't I see that the cat would never do such a cruel and disgusting thing?

I absolutely accept that people are vegetarians or vegans. As long as they let me eat my corpses - not necessarily in front of them - and don't insult me, we can all live happy and in peace.
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