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Beware: Rant ahead

God, it goes just round and round and round. After the discussions of Alan Rickmans bottom in Dark Harbour come the 'FFN is unfair' protests and after this a 'new' argument about The Prank.
All this I could live with, not every newbie can be bothered to look in the archives (and Yahoo's search function doesn't really help), but is reading the FAQ really to much to ask? I don't mind one one-liner but if every post is top posted, not spell checked, contains more adverts than text and the poster doesn't seem to know what the shift-key does, I just want to scream.
I need a killfile!

Ok, call me a hypocrite, as I made most of those mistakes more then once myself, but when someone explained it to me, I tried to change - and hope I did.

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