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Something out there hates me, I'm sure

The only thing my computer needed was a new ISDN-Card. Not expensive at all. Why are there only drivers for PCI-cards available? So what if it was 7 years old, the old thing worked fine, it just needed another driver. - Grrrr!

After I've now got access again, I have to see that every free time I had in the next days just dissolved.
For more than a month I had nothing to read (at least until I decided "Oh I've got a little time, why not have a look at the Trek-Fics?" - Why not eat all the rice in China while you're at it?)
The no 'net problem justified buying Night Watch (finally! I annoyed Julia in London with my arguing with myself: "The paperback is out in less than two month.","But I want it now","You've waited until now, you'll wait the rest of the time too.",...) and now that I'm back online I have to see that wikdsushi released her new fic today.
I want to finish Night Watch, TLB and the Trek-fic I was reading before I had to leave home. I have to work tomorrow, since I didn't get a chance to do it today and will be only able to get in one or two hours a day for the next two weeks. I wanted to use the weekend to catch up on my sleep*deficit
Is sleep really necessary?
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