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Time for a little talk with my body

Breakfast consisting mostly of sugar is not a good idea, especially if one isn't completely healthy anyway.
We were changing the bandage on a dogs paw. I was holing it's head and front paws. While we were taking the old bandage down, it was smelling a bit and the vet told us, that we should go out I we were prone to getting sick.
All of us had dealt with a lot of disgusting things before, so nobody left.
It didn't look to bad - a lorry had run over the paw and a lot of flesh was missing, part of the bone was visible and two toes did look as if they'll die - but I've seen worse. I didn't feel sick, I felt hungry (I can eat right next to a two week dead cat, of course I think about food when looking at something like that)
But my body decided this was a good time to feel weak and let the world turn around me.
At least I stayed awake enough to ask one of the others to take over from me, before I stepped away and lay on the ground. I was even able to think enough to tell the others that it wasn't necessary to let someone hold my feet up, because there was a wall which I could use.
After a minute I felt so much better that I decided I could take the cat to the ultrasound like one of the other vets asked in passing.
I jumped up, drank a bit of water because everyone was telling me to do so, as I was as white as my lab-coat and walked with her to one of the cat-rooms.
There I felt dizzy again and had to lie down a second time. But at least I asked coherently if I could open the window first and then walked over myself - I will take pride in the smallest things if necessary.
After getting up slowly this time everything was fine, and after eating something I felt even better, but really, if I have to keel over, can't I do it in a situation where no one will think I was afraid of a little blood?
Yes, I place my personal pride over the well-being of my body. At least when I think my body isn't reasonable - or if I want to rant about something completely irrelevant.

So dear body, listen up: I don't care if you think that I need more sugar (or water, or sleep) if you do something like this again, there will be the imprint of a hand visible on my cheek - of my own hand to be precise.
And maybe I will eat bread tomorrow morning again, just to do you a favour of course, not because I'm reacting to your blackmail scheme.

But otherwise the day was fine - and I work the day shift on the holiday and the night shift next Sunday.
Now I'll sleep a little bit, I really don't feel absolutely OK.
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