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I like my reading light.

eilanhp's list:My list:
Stephen King
Marion Zimmer Bradley
JRR Tolkien
Jostein Gaarder
Wolfgang Hohlbein
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( :-) )
JK Rowling
William Shakespeare
Thomas Mann
Theodor Fontane
Terry Pratchett
Philipp Pullmann
Ephraim Kishon
Jostein Gaarder
Wolfgang Hohlbein
Friedrich Dürenmatt
J.K. Rowling
Anne Perry
Roald Dahl
Helen Fielding

I couldn't convince myself to keep the Goethe. It is there on the shelf, but so are Elizabeth George, Mary Higgins Clark, Leonard Nimoy, Agatha Christi, Enid Blyton, Karl May, Astrid Lindgren and Schiller. And there are *supposed* to be only ten authors.

Now I've got to choose what sports I want to do next semester. I've got 10 minutes to see sense and cut my list down from 4 to a more reasonable 2.
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