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I'm soooooo good

Wohooo! Fist surgery(Resection of the whole Tuba auditiva externa dexter and cleaning out of the Bulla tympanica; Dog had a chronic Otitis for the last years, everything was calcified) I assisted. Not just the standing on the side looking and trying very hard to keep out of the sterile workspace students are normally allowed to do, but really assisted. Scrubbing hands, disinfecting, dressing in sterile coat, sterile gloves. This kind of assisted. Ok, I was only responsible for the hoover-thingy (and after the vet originally doing this got tired), but I got to stick things in the skull of a rottweiler. Wheeeee!
And shortly before, I tried for the first time to intubate a dog - and it worked. Had a little difficulty with the blocking, but I think the next time this will work too.
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