Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Ahhhh, Autumn.

See the leaves changing colour; Feel cold clear nights; See the fog hanging over the grass in the morning and the first rays of sunlight piercing though the fog; Imagine the short moments when the rain stops on a rainy day and a little patch of blue sky can be seen; smell the wet earth and leaves; see squirrels racing through the forest and hedgehogs sniffling in the hedges; feel the air on your face, humid and cool while the rest of your body is warm and dry; Hear bouts of wind that whirl the fallen leaves up in the sky and see the leave gliding to the ground, every one a different shade of orange;...

And see me, completely failing to appreciate any of those things because my bike's slipping on the wet leaves on muddy ground in the dark, leaving me lying face down on the ground with bruises, a bloodied knee and a broken light.

And some summaries with

...a normal everyday teen. Until Cornelius Fudge calls upon her duties to the Ministry of Magic. Lord Voldemort is terrorizing,will she be able to stop him in the name of truth, love, and ... fashion style?!? R/R ;)

A new witch somes to Hogwarts ... She is friends with Peeves, loves to play jokes on people, and she has a secret that might kill Voldie for good. But also Voldie is after her.PG-13,just in case. Please R/R!

... the most powerful witch in the world... her history is unknown until one day she saved a girl and dropped her scroll of history... Humour, suspense, adventure, romance... this story had it all~read/review pls~

17 years ago Voldemort kidnapped Albus Dumbldore's sister ... Now their unexpected daughter, Sophie must try to find a new life at Hogwarts while coping with the truth about who her father is. She finds love in the very person who should hate her.

Ok this is my seconed fic. and also Marry-Sue ...she is Harry's Daughter. Harry is way over protective for her. She goes to Hogwarts and meet's Draco's son Judas then bla bla bla stuff happens plz R&R

This is a fic about a 6th year ... ,who moves from USA to England.She attends Hogwarts,becomes friends with Robbie and 'the gang'.It has things that could happen to us,teenagers.Don't worry it's not a adaptation of a Teenage Movie.NoVoldem

... family is dead and she grew in an orphanage.At the end of her 5th year at Hogwarts she meets her guardian.Follow her sixth year as she finds out many dangerous things about her past and future.

Cassandra Thompson and ... Kennedy are students of Southern Cross Australian Academy of Magical Arts, and have both been accepted for a year overseas schooling, at Hogwarts. Watch them grow, learn and live life to to the fullest.

Do I want to look for the male form of the name too? I know I've seen Snapes called by it.
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