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RL busy, me no longer able to think

Uni started just three days ago and it already feels like three month. I should spend this unexpected bit of free time on finally starting studying for the first test on Tuesday, but I think writing my insane schedule down will help me to sort it out.

Ok, I've got to start with my time-table:
8-9 reproduction food hyg. pathology pharmacology  
9-10 internal med. meat hyg. pathology pharmacology anesthesiology
10-11 clinic clinic clinic clinic clinic
11-12 dis. of fish hyg. and husbandry.(c.) bacteriology (c.) small animal dis. virology
12-1 c.y.o.s.
1-2   hyg. and husbandry.(c.) meat hyg. (c.) virology (c.)
3-4 parasitology (c.) food hyg. (c.)  
5-6 dietary        
The only courses I could afford to miss are the white ones. Everywhere else, should I fail to turn up more than two times, I'll lose a whole year because I won't be allowed to take the exams. (first part of the state exam for vets - exams in parasitology, bacteriology and mycology, virology, dietary, keeping and hygiene - next year ->Kick yourself until you start studying!).
The courses in dietary are mostly in the one department not located on campus - half an hour by bike or car and maybe 40 min by tram away to be exact.</p>

I have to keep in mind that I need at least 15 min. by bike to get to uni, and I hate to be late, so I leave at least 30 min before I have to be there.
Therefore anything less than two hours isn't really worth going home for.

I have to fit in this schedule somewhere the six hours of typing I have to do every week and the language course - and I want to fit in the big band rehearsals and my sport courses. I'm giving plasma once a week (2h) and have to go for a walk with Kuno every day. I should spent some time studying (I want once in my life, to be prepared for an exam more than a week in advance) and I'm not a good enough sax player not to practice at least thrice a week. I have two websites to maintain and stupid committee meetings to attend (1 or 2 a month). We don't plan to do FSR meetings every week like last year, but I doubt we can manage it, there's always something important we just have to hold a 'short' meeting to deal with - even if we don't, I spent at least 2 hours a week selling transcripts and scalpels and answering inane questions.

Conclusion: The day just hasn't enough hours - or the week not enough days

It just has to work somehow, preferably with me still getting more than six hours of sleep. I can function with less than six hours of sleep a night, but my social skills are shaky at best, even when I've got enough energy to keep a tight rein on the domineering, arrogant arsehole part of my personality.

Of course I could just stop doing this much, but I love stress so much, I don't know what I would do without.

More stuff ('slight' tangent here: I'm happy I found people who also have folders called 'stuff', 'more stuff' and 'blah'):
  • I think The league of extraordinary gentlemen is a very, very bad film. But it's bad in the same way that Wild wild west is bad - very amusing to watch, ask stupid questions while watching it, shouting "But this isn't right!" and be fascinated by the big BUM and BANGs
  • The latest earthquake in the HP fandom produced only a few ripples on my flist - it seems my corner of lurkers land is save this time.
  • I still want to rant about the definition of emergency some pet owners have - but as I've got to do intensive work in the small animal department this semester, there will be ample opportunity then.
  • I want to rant about Luther, or more exactly about the trailer I saw yesterday when I stole the time for a movie, but I'd have to look up the dates and quotes I so want to throw around and don't have the time for it.
  • I think I shouldn't be looking forward to rant about something - especially since my rants are pathetic.
  • pus jokes, umbilical hernias, ticks, testicular feminization, lice, rodding, laws that include phrases like "Before starting the disemboweling, the heads have to be severed.", bagging, ways to amputate the back fin of a koi,... yes I'm back at uni again.
  • I finally got my salary for June-October. I paid back everything I owed my mother for the England-trip and I'm still in positive figures.
    What to do with spare money?
    I'll probably save it - how very boring.
  • And they're selling chocolate with cointreaux again. I've already eaten two of them - Life can't be so bad when there's chocolate with cointreaux.
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