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I hate days like today

When I left for work it was dark, when I came back it was dark again. Somewhere in between daylight must have happened, but I saw nothing of it.

I left at 6:40, typed for two hours and left for the committee meeting.

A new professor for nutritional physiology is needed, today were the test-lectures of the best candidates. Three hours of talks about "The ontogenesis of the intestinal carrier for phosphate in goats" or "Neurogastroenterology - relevance in veterinary medicine" and "Bioavailability of herbal antioxidants of the flavonoid group". One hour is ok, but more than two are deadly.

And afterwards there were another three hours of talks with the candidates to go through. And after this, the debate who's application would be evaluated further and who's wouldn't. And I had to sit next to Prof S. the whole time (I hate him, I'm sure the feeling is mutual) and present the opinion of a student (actually the students - some volunteers listened to all the lectures and wrote their opinion down - I'm so very grateful, I hate it to be the only student and not to be able to back my claims (that other students think the same) up with some proof) about the teaching quality of the candidate.</p>

We finally managed to vote two of the six out and the others will be sent away - this will take three months, so I won't have any more meetings of this particular committee this year. Joy!

Arrived late for my plasma appointment and didn't make it to the meeting deciding when the English course will take place at all. They probably chose some time I have to be somewhere else. *grumble* I have to be somewhere else all the time, where are Time-Turners when you really need them?

*grumbles some more* And my computer decided to connect to the net on his own this morning, and they only had food at the meeting and nothing else to drink but coffee, so I'm on my fourth of fifth cup of coffee today and everyone was mean to me and I missed some of the only interesting courses today and I have to clean the flat and do the laundry and my bike's started to loose parts and...
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