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'Normal' depends on the definition

Apart from the fact that I just slept 5 hours (interrupted only by signing for a parcel for one of my neighbours - I know why I normally turn the bell of) in a vain attempt to counteract five days of six hours sleep a night, the day was pretty normal - for me.

Breeding-Health assessment, this time in sheep. *yawn*
Always the same - take male animal; grab testicles and check size, temperature, consistency,... ; take phantom for phantom-trained animals or female animal in the right part of her cycle; take AV; collect sperm; do all the preparations; look in microscope; take eventually necessary samples for microbiology.
Only - the ewe wasn't interesting enough for the ram - what one does in this case is bring in another ram. Apparently sheep also show their dominance by jumping the less dominant like dogs do.
My definition of 'normal day' is by now wide enough to include gay sheep.

Tomorrow: Some additional lectures on large animal work and afterwards I've been promised lunch in exchange of acting on my role as designated-computer-guru and set up some local net.
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