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My exiting life - yawn

Free days, how I love them.

I don't care for the reason I don't have to go to uni (today's reformation day, something that reminds me of the movie Luther and how much I'm still wondering about the way he seemed to be presented in the trailer) , free time is free time
I used it for such exiting things as cleaning up, updating websites and pondering important questions, like if I should eat another toast with cheese or not - oh, and deciding the laundry can wait another day

I'm also still shaking my head about the way my mind works. Yesterday I looked at some notes and started to wonder why it is Vena portae and not Vena porta. It drove me crazy the whole time till I could look it up.
This not only shows how much I've forgotten from my terminology class, but also how obsessed I can become with insignificant details.
Why can't I just accept that the first one is right and move on? Why do I have to know why? Can't I focus those fits of 'wanting to know' on something a bit more important? Something a bit larger? Like the topic of the next microbiology course (differentiating gram positive bacteria ) I wanted to look at this weekend?

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