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Hmmm, I should be working right now, but that would have meant working on the keyboard from hell, so I decided to go home early.
Good idea - I avoided being out when the rain/hail/whateverthisissupposedtobe started.
I'm deliberately ignoring the fact that I still have to go out at least three times today.

I'm thinking I should feel grumpy - I even got a reason to, since my sore throat has decided to invite a running nose and a stiff neck to move in with it - but apart from the not being able to turn my head, to swallow or breath properly I'm actually happy.

After three years most of the people have understood that I don't want to be hugged, I mostly got 'Hope you had a nice birthday''s and a nod today. Very good!
Perfect present from the family - I knew it in advance, but still - a notebook! I don't need one and won't be getting anything for Christmas either, but NOTEBOOK! With silly things like a CD/DVD-burner, a memory stick, some 60 GB of hard drive, w-lan,... all of which I really don't need but am happy to have anyway.
And as I looked for the mail as I came home, and found a letter with chocolate inside.

I'm now the proud owner of
  • a notebook
    (Theoretically - I told them not to send it as I'll be visiting on the 22nd anyway.)
  • Nanny Ogg's Cookbook
    (Julia actually came over yesterday to give it to me)
  • chocolate

Life is good.

But I still have to bike to Möckern in three hours and I just know that the weather doesn't like me.
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