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This is your brain speaking:

Get it into your stupid head that, while you can be as childlike a person as you want to be at home, when you're working you're supposed to be responsible.
Those things growing in the Petri dishes you're handling actually cause diseases. A little bit of concentration when dealing with Clostridium botulinum or tetani would be very much appreciated.
Don't try the 'but the others are also...' excuse because it never worked, why should it do so now?
And I don't care that even the teachers are making jokes like "If you want to know if there is some finely spread growth or no growth at all, lick it, in some hours you'll know".
At least we don't have to handle the anthrax ourselves.

Some days are just so very surreal. First juggling around nearly twenty Petri dishes, full of infectious bacteria and afterwards sitting in a lab, cutting sausages into little pieces for a pH check (if anyone's interested the procedure number on the official list, required after §35 LMBG is L06.00-2)
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