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I never know how I should to feel on this day. I always settle for ignorant/uninterested

*pokes date with long stick*
Hmmm, I don't like this at all.
There are 365,25 days in a year, yet somehow there seem to be days on which more things are happening.
At least those your history teacher wants you to remember.

Until a recent discussion I was quite sure that the 9th of November was one of those in Germany. One doesn't have to be a minor history geek to remember four years with more or less important events, right? At least two of them are common knowledge, no one can leave school without knowing them? And I was actually told: "Huh? What did happen? I can't remember even one thing."

Oh, I don't know, if I'm allowed to start with the more or less obscure things, there was this little uprising in Munich in 1923. On of the 'organizers' who was sent to prison afterwards, used his time there to write a book the world could do well without, maybe you've heard of it?
Mein Kampf?

Does it sound familiar at all?

A bit less obscure, I'm sure you had to know it for exams once or twice, is the proclamation of Germany as a republic in 1918.
By two different persons.
Members of two opposing parties.
Some hours apart.

No? Doesn't ring any bells?

How about something you were even alive to see?
1989? Fall of the Berlin Wall?
Just a little thing, I'm sure, but you're living in Leipzig and visiting your parents in the Saarland in the holidays, you know at least that 15 years ago this wouldn't have been possible?

And finally, are you trying to tell me that you haven't been beaten to death with the happenings in 1938?
Reichskristallnacht? More accurately Reichspogromnacht?
You know, those things everyone know about Germany?

How do you manage not to remember at least one of them?

Am I taking this much to serious? Of course.
Do I care that it shows how obsessed I can be? Not at all.

But the real reason I don't like the date has much more pragmatic reasons.
There will be demonstrations. And counter-demonstrations. And this will result in lots of police.
And I have to go to the congress by tram and have to change lines at the main station.
Where those three groups are likely to meet.
And like everyone knows there are no better ways to remember the murder of millions of people than to start shouting at each other, or in bad cases fighting in the streets.
When the only way to tell apart the left from the right is the clothing, I just want to keep far away from all those scary demonstrating people.

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