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Hrmph, very clever, woman, very clever. Getting all annoyed with the problems of public transport and demonstrations in advance and forgetting to look up the time the congress was ending.
Normally there aren't any demonstrations at 1:30 and thus there were no problems at all.

Time to use the expression 'sheepish smile' I think.
Or my all time favourite 'If you were as clever as you think you are, you would think before you talk'. (Or write, or act, or... something)

The bad thing about this congress is, that it got me thinking about what I want to do if I somehow actually finish this course of study.
I know what I want to do (well, not really, but I know the area I'd like to work in), but considering job openings and stuff like that, it's not the best choice.
The general advice is to choose a job one likes to do - but it's simply not *sensible*.

Hmm, I'll have to write the whole drama of indecisiveness down some day, maybe this will get it out of my head.
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