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Someone should tell the trainer, that normally falling techniques aren't necessary in taekwondoe. Hitting, kicking, and blocking, yes but not throwing the opponent deliberately to the ground. That's judo (for example.)

Learning those techniques isn't a bad idea, but maybe one should think a bit about why judo-training takes place on mats.
We practice on the wooden floor.

I don't really care that the little monks who invented this or that particular way of fighting supposedly practice it on stone (or razorblades, or burning coals), I really don't think this was the best idea.

My shoulders and hips are pretty bruised, and I actually did roll correctly (after doing judo for five and gymnastics for over 18 years there are some things I just know how to do).

Theoretically this is a beginners course. Even if you only start out of a kneeling position, this will hurt.

I don't know if he's trying to discourage anyone who isn't 'serious' (whatever that is supposed to mean in this case) about the training - or he just doesn't realize how hard the floor is, after all he only demonstrated the technique once or twice and one only really starts to feel it after ten or more falls.

And I still love it. I wonder about these masochistic tendencies.
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