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Must ... sleep ... not ... read ... LJ

2 1/2 hours of sleep in the night, due to two surgeries.

But I got to touch a heart ( Prof. Oe.:'And if you just move this part of the lung, you're right at the pericardium.' Me: *Feels* -thump-thump-thump *Eyes go wide* 'Woah!' [Not very coherent, but what am I supposed to say?]) and have a nice patient to write a case report about, so it was worth it.

No really unreasonable 'emergencies', apart from the people calling at 10:30 on a Friday Night to make an appointment for an orthopedic checkup.

To all dog owners on my flist: Neither sticks nor stones are good for your dog.

These words of wisdom brought to you by one stone eating dog whose gut had to be partially resected and a Labrador who had some kind of guardian angel which stopped the piece of wood - that had gone through his chest and part of the lung - only about 0.5 cm before it touched the heart.

ETA, now that I'm awake again:
Will you please remember next time that your glove size is 7 1/2 no matter what everyone else tries to tell you? Yes, your hands are this large.
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