Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Since Wednesday... ...I've lost the ability to write complete sentences

Night Shift:
First task of the night: 'Could you please hold this chameleon while I try to get it's cloaca back in?'
Afterwards not really much to do, just some half dead rabbits and a pyometra which luckily wasn't urgent enough to need immediate surgery.
Still, didn't get to bed until 2, since we had to force feed some cats and a little mishap with the methadon (I understand the reason for the laws, but that doesn't mean I can't find them terribly annoying) to keep us busy.
Woke up at five as usual. Spent the time till 6:30 dozing. Waited till the others arrived and told them to do the daily measuring without me. Went home, took the dog out for a short while, fed him, ate something, brushed my teeth and went back to work in less than 45 min.

Thursday and Friday
Ophthalmological examination on a turtle; force feeding cockatoos, canaries, budgies, grey parrots; Bruno the chameleon; a buzzard with a ruptured crop; trying get 0.025 ml of a substance into the syringe and the fun of giving injections to birds.

Saw Finding Nemo on Thursday - sweet little movie.

Drove the 400 km home on Friday. Had fun with sister2, finally got my hands on the toy and spent the rest of the day deleting the pre installed software.
Actually I simply formatted everything and started anew.
Love wLAN and dsl still more than I can say. But I don't love Opera 7.

Drove to Gießen, national meeting of all vet school student representations. Had fun in the mathematicum - I'm easy to amuse, give me things like a program to calculate where in Pi my birth date turns up or tricks with mirrors and I'm happy.
The official discussion bore actual results, so the evening saw us 'having a bit of a party and writing a letters to the minister' to quote on of the others describing our activities on the phone.
Arrived back at my parents shortly after midnight, spent one more hour playing around with the toy and went to bed.

Important Question:
Do I want to keep the Pi-poster for myself or use it as a Christmas present?
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