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Pre-Christmas time. Bad Thing.
Fic Advent calendars including various fandoms. Very bad.
I will not get sucked in any other fandoms.
Lurking is hard work. Really hard work.

But I still managed to finish both reports I had to write.
This is a feat in itself. The case report about the otitis wasn't this bad but the meat hygiene thing...
According to article 11 FlHG and point 10.8, Chapter IV, addendum 1 FlHV the intestines have to be emptied to be cleared for human consumption. Furthermore ...
Only one more report (autopsy this time) and I'll be done till next year.
If I don't get one of them back with a nice "REWRITE NECESSARY" stamped accross.

One day I'll even learn how to stop Word from trying to switch the language settings to Italian every time I just type two or three Latin words.
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