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Big demonstrations yesterday. Problem: I only agree with part of the things asked for/spoken against. So I had to make one of those decisions I hate - do I think the things I agree with are important enough to also support the things I don't agree with? (Which also explains my dislike for politics)
If I'd just made the decision not go because of this, I wouldn't have to deal with the guilty conscience I've got now - I didn't go because it rained.
Wah, wah, wah. Why can't I lie to myself? Why can't I just think I didn't agree with the ideas? No, I have to use it as another opportunity to chide myself for my laziness and indecisiveness.

And after all this internal struggles I had to deal with the threat of having my mouth glued shut during RotK.
I'm hurt.
Really, they've seen enough movies with me to know that when I'm seeing a movie for the first time, I try to keep my comments to a minimum and additionally try not to speak too loud.
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