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True boredom

Or to be more precise: Perfect avoidance mechanisms.

Instead of doing all of the things I really should do (I do say this a lot - but at least I've updated the website, so I've not been totally lazy) I went back to my old hobby of choosing a random LJ user, going back to their first post and reading until I reach the newest one/ can't stand it any longer.
I now know that the uncommented LJ post with the lowest talkread number is at the moment 121 (but why? such a nice number 112, why aren't there comment pilgrims like everywhere else?) made at 01:56 am on 05.04.1999.
But since there is more than a year of earlier posts which just have a higher number since they were imported, I've actually read more than 200 posts in the last few hours. Not included are all the tangents I went on, for example why the mass commenter in the first 100 suddenly stopped, or which of the persons mentioned can still be found.

If I'm this bored tomorrow, I will start on the studying.
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