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Being the nice person that owns a car, yesterday I drove some friends to get their new dog. I had looked the place up on my map, memorized the streets I had to take, the places I had to go through and the general direction I had to go. When I do this I concentrate only on the places I have to go and ignore nearly everything else so I was really amazed when I got there and recognized it was next to the Czech border.
The border to the Czech Republic! In my mind this was always somewhere in the east, far, far away. And I'm living not even two hours away from it.
I really have to learn some geography. How could I not know that?

And I have to get my car to the garage to get the tyres changed, but at the time I'm leaving my flat, they haven't started working and when I get back, they're not longer working. Either they don't work very often, or I have a very strange schedule.

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