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Yep, I'm pimping too

friend_whoring is a strange experiment, but fascinating.

And as I'm already spamming:

How Do You Rate?
Your friends like to have you over because you are always willing to fix a sink or build a shelf. You never wear make up but not because it's a political statement-it just makes your face itch! You never leave home without your Swiss Army Knife and though you own a lot of shoes, they're all sensible ones!

Now, this is... completely unsurprising.
But actually I don't wear make up because I'm too stupid to apply it and tend to have my hands in my face all the time.
And I'd better not leave home without my Swiss Army Knife, considering it's attached to my key-ring.

Back to cleaning up, studying and trying to ignore the shiny new DVD lying next to me.
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