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Ignorance is bliss

My class is the first one to ever get the dates for the exams this early.
Because students who know the dates more than two weeks before the first exam will do terrible things with this top secret information - at least if the secretary who always refused to give them out is to be believed. But our Rudelpudel was clever (for once) and asked Prof D. who was completely unaware that we didn't know the dates yet.

So now we know and can face the horrible truth: We really should have started much earlier.

My dates of doom:
Viro 16.02
Husbandry and Hygiene 26.02
Dietary 03.03
Bac & Myco 09.03
Para 17.03
All exams are oral, most have a lab part and being able to learn a phone book by heart is considered imperative.

Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall and curse my lazyness before I start to panic.</p>
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